Sqlite Database Manager by Scott Wickham

This tool allows you to quickly create and update Sqlite 2.0 databases that are built into PHP5.

Download entire program sqlitedm.zip 9kb

See it in Action

Sqlite Database Manager is Copyrighted Jan 2007 by Scott Wickham and released under the M.I.T. Licence

System Requirements: PHP5 and a webserver to run it on. I recommend using it with PortableWebAp. PortableWebAp is package that allows you to easily run php5 applications on your windows desktop. Since it is only 5mb you can easily put it it in you ipod or pendrive and take your database driven web applications with you. It also allows you to develop you databases locally before uploading them to a service like Godaddy to run you app on the internet. If you use Godaddy you will need to change the default ".php" to use php version 5 instead of Godaddy's default version of php 4. Click here for instructions to do this. Happy databasing :)

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